Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5 Gift Ideas for Your Glamorous Mom

Mothers' Day is this Sunday and it's certainly tough finding something for a mom who seems to have it all. Here are a few gift suggestion, in no particular order, that are suitable for the glam mom who loves makeup and beauty.

1) Stila Color Wheel Eyeshadow Palette

What an awesome palette! It comes with 37 eye shadow shades, two double ended shadow brushes and a 16 page look-book with step by step instructions. The eyeshadows are even numbered to make the application that much easier! Mom will be doing her makeup like a pro in no time with this little baby. I got this for my mom for Christmas and she's tried so many different looks because of it and has really gotten pretty good applying!

2) Bliss Spa gift certificate

All mama's love a little pampering :) Bliss Spa is pricey, but their oxygen facial is coveted by celebrities all across the nation. Perfect for a mom that is constantly on the go. Bliss products are also carried at Bath and Body works.

3) Hempz Treats Lotions

A little goes a long way with these lotions. Their scents are simply scrumptious - Cranberry Vanilla, Orange Dream Cupcake, Strawberry Cheesecake (my personal favorite because it smells EXACTLY like my favorite drink from my childhood…Nestle's Strawberry Milk!). They come in large sizes and purse-perfect sizes too. If mom likes the smells of warm cookies baking in the oven, then she's going to go crazy for these. Check out their website for all of the flavors.

4) St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse

Beach season is right around the corner and mom's legs (and probably yours too!) are looking like they've soaked up more moonlight than sunlight. St. Tropez has wonderful bronzing products that are extremely easy to use. The self tanning mousse is great because mom will be able to see where exactly she puts the tanner, making it that much easier to apply.


This is my favorite gift so far! No mom wants their son or daughter to spend a lot of money on them. Taking the money that you would spend on a meaningless gift and using it to feed animals in a shelter or aid recent tornado victims will mean more to her than any Yankee Candle or personalized jewelry box ever would. You can also put the donation in her name so that they will send her a personalized letter in the mail.