Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to have a Sunday Funday!

Happy Funday errbody! Over here, the weather is pretty gloomy, rainy, and just plain ugly out. I had a full day off today and my plans were to stay inside and make my own fun since I couldn't do it outside. So here's how to make a rainy day, the best day of the week!

1) What's shakin'? Bakin'!! Nothin' says "I'm having a good time on a rainy day!" like making some Funfetti cupcakes. I'm pretty sure Funfetti batter was made by the big guy upstairs with his bare hands. It went land, man, funfetti batter. The bible says some confusing words but if you read close enough, that's in there.

2) A used to work with a wonderful guy named Jon who was a missionary. He would tell me stories about what he and his friends would do after church on Sunday and he always used to always start every story by saying, " After church, while I'm all hopped up on the Christ..." Haha, I loved it! So I adopted that saying too when I'm talking about how I feel after I go to church. Church on a rainy day is great because it makes you feel happy and enlightened. It is great any day but days like this especially when everyone is feeling a little blue and can use some lifting up =)

3) Go see a 3D movie!

And save the glasses so you can pop out the lenses and make some good ol' fashioned geek glasses.

4) Dance with your mom, dad, dog, or by yourself! Find a good jam that will pump you up and get the blood going. I combined baking and dancing all in one. Here's a few fun and highly dance-able songs to get you started.

What did you do today despite the crap going on outside? Tomorrow I'm touring the Makeup Designory School in NYC and I'm a little nervous, so I'm trying to stay busy today so I don't over think it like I do with everything else haha. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday Funday!

Nikki & my hopped-up-on-the-sprinkles mama!