Wednesday, October 12, 2011

We're going streaking! And What I'm going to be for Halloween...

**Go streaking this month for a good cause! I'll be doing it, and you should too - click here for all the info ;-)**

Halloween has always been one of my most favorite holidays. It's a chance to be whatever you want to be and the crazier, the better. I have been something bloody since the first grade. If I had a scanner, I would do a fun slide show of all the past little Nikki Halloween costumes. Here is the best I could do taking a picture, of a picture, with my camera:

I was a bloody waitress in a classroom filled with gypsies, ninjas, and happy costumes. I guess you can say my family had always beared a strong ethical resembalence to that of the Addam's Family.

So to keep up with tradition, I decided to be one of my all time favorite movie characters of all time. I wanted to be something that I've never seen anyone do before. My sister had brought up the idea of doing a couples costume since she and I always end up being together on Halloween. So this year we're going with our favorite movie, Beetlejuice. She's going to be Miss Argentina (For those of you who don't remember, Miss Argentina is the receptionist who had a "little accident") and I am going to be.....

No, not Barbara... that's too easy. I'm going as the infamous shrunken head guy! All of the characters in this waiting room scene are great, but he was always my favorite ;-) I'll make sure to post up the finished look for both costumes and if you are interested, I'll even make a Miss Argentina makeup tutorial! I would try a shrunken head tutorial but I don't think I have the voodoo craftsmanship.... yet! ;-)

♥ We have been spoiled with the best of weather for the past week and starting today, it was cloudy and cold. Im not complaining though because this is the kind of weather that the upper East Coast is supposed to have in October. Have any of you started on your Halloween Costumes yet? I came across this awesome site that gives you the very best of costume ideas, home made ones!

♥ I have so much respect for the creator of this fabulous Mae West blog. He or she updates it everyday with information pertaining to the intruiging goddess that we can't seem to learn enough about. I might just be speaking for myself here (I've read 4 books about Mae, two of which she wrote herself!), but I can't seem to get enough. Thank you for keeping your blog afloat!!

♥ I'm all for home made anything, especially if it's a bath or shower product of some sort. I bought a solid lotion bar from LUSH and fell in love with it. I wish they had made more scents (the only one they have is a light vanilla which is nice), so I looked into creating one of my own. Here is a step by step way to make your very own solid lotion bar.

♥ Servers and bartenders can give you the most accurate dating advice. Seek one out if you are in a dating slump and they will tell you exactly why. Lauren Romano hits the nail right on the head, giving you dating tips I learned from being a waitress.