Monday, July 2, 2012

Falling in love

When life gets hectic, we tend to push aside the things we truly enjoy (reading a good book, hanging out with loved ones, etc.) which is why I have been MIA from the blogging world. I really love to write post that may inspire at least one precious heart and it gives me great pleasure in giving people an insight into why I feel the way I do about certain things. Today's topic is falling in love.

Love is something else. Every musical artist under the sun has written songs about it. If they haven't written a love song, they've written a song about heartbreak which sometimes go hand in hand. We can't help what or who we fall in love with and when it happens, it takes over your entire being. You change. But when it's true love, you won't have to sacrifice anything that gives you self satisfaction. If you've ever had a pet that was part of your family, you'll understand exactly what I mean. That is unconditional love in which you do not need to give up other things you love in order to obtain. You can be your quirky, moody, crazy, beautiful self and still feel the love.

I used to go through an unfortunate cycle when it came to finding love for myself. I would date someone, fall completely head over heels for them, only to get my heart torn up when it would end. After one specific break up, I decided to change all that and decide that the next person I would fall in love with would be myself! I was single for a very long time and loved every minute of it! When most people are single they deem themselves as "unwanted". This is the most foolish thing you can think of yourself! Single Nikki met more interesting people then relationship Nikki ever did. Because when you get in the wrong relationship, you surround yourself with the other person and don't want to explore your surroundings. Maybe it's out of fear or content. You don't want to upset the other person. When it is the right person, you will never feel restricted. But why wait around for all of that? Just by falling in love with yourself, you will see positive changes in your life!

Since the beginning of my undying courtship to myself, I have:
♥ Started doing makeup professionally and found out that it is what I truly love to do
♥ Got my cosmetology license
♥ Explored every inch of Manhattan (and ate some great pizza along the way)
♥ Traveled to Miami and Los Angeles for the only purpose of experiencing new surroundings
♥ Inspired others to reach inside their soul and do what truly makes them happy in order to get that amazing self satisfying high.
♥ Let myself get photographed professionally (something I NEVER felt comfortable with before!)

I always believe that God creates every situation in our life, good and bad. He would have never put us on this beautiful life if he wanted us to fail. So if you are feeling alone, know that you never are and that there is a whole big world waiting out there just for you. You don't need anyones permission to do what you feel is right in your heart.

Big loves and even bigger adventures,