Thursday, October 28, 2010

Longwood Gardens and Spontaneity!

Have you ever had one of those days where you say to yourself, "Today is the day I do something different!" While I was talking with store owners and spreading my makeup word, I decided to take a detour to the amazing Longwood Gardens. So I mosey-ed on over there & I went on in to explore all of the beauty that it had to offer.

For all of you that have never heard of Longwood Gardens, it truly is such an amazing place. Filled with lush trees and vibrant flowers, it's a place where you almost wish you could get lost in. The DuPont's seem to own everything in the Northern Delaware/PA Border area and they keep up with it with such prestige.

These beautiful archways are lined up right out side of the open air theater & water show. I tried running as fast as I can to catch the water show but the second I got there, it ended! Thank you heeled boots!

Surprisingly, no blisters! Just some sore feet. Funny thing is, I had my pair of fold-up flats sitting in my car the whole time.

The Italian Water Gardens weren't working =( But when I was looking around their large lake, a kind man turned to me and said, "Would you like me to take your picture?" I was so happy that there was someone there that was thoughtful enough to ask. I was just going to do the auto-timer and let er rip, haha. So I posed in front of the large lake.

All of the leaves be-changin'!

I absolutely loved this tree - so unique and different. Don't the flowers remind you of wedding bells?

Inside the greenhouse, there were so many amazing flower displays…

Look at the detail in just this one bush.... so cool.

"Making Scents" exhibit. My favorite perfume bottle was the legs.

This perfume was called "Shocking" by Elsa Schiaparelli (greatest rival Coco Chanel) - Mae West was a client of her's, so she made the bottle shaped to imitate Mae's Torso.

They had a machine that would "Create your own Scent" by mixing together notes that were appealing to your nose. Everyone that was doing it got something different! My fragrance that it mixed up for me was "Complice" by Coty. Unfortunately, this perfume has been discontinued for years upon years, but they print out a scratch and sniff sample of it all mixed together and it was lovely!

This is such a wonderful, wonderful place. Can you imagine - someone once LIVED on this property? Imagine walking outside and seeing the beautiful deer jumping through the trees and flowers. So sweet!

If you want to do something that no one else wants to do, DO IT ANYWAY! The number one person in your life should be you. Never sacrifice your happiness or your want to do something. The more you put off something that will truly make you happy, the more you'll be angry with yourself. So here's to random acts of spontaneous =)

Love & floral notes, Nikki

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