Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to get any tattoo you want for under $35!

It might not be permanent but hey, Kat Von D can take a break for a little while….

I used a liquid liner with a fine tip (Wet N' Wild H2o liner is a great one) to sketch out the design.

I then filled it in using colors from the Wolfe FX Neon Palette. I love this palette because all the colors need in order to be activated is the smallest drop of water. I'm convinced that this set will probably last me until I'm well into my 80's ;-)

"Peeg" is my 4 legged daughter's nickname. Who wouldn't get a fake tattoo and put their pet's name in it?

So come on over to Nikki's Tattoo Parlor on the next rainy and I'll give you a whole sleeve for one millionth of the price you would pay at a regular tattoo shop! And if you get bored with it 5 minutes after I do it, no need for fancy-schmancy lazer treatment. Scrub a dub with a washcloth and you're good!

Love your non- needle obstrusive,

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