Thursday, September 15, 2011

Time for myself in NYC...

Most of the greatest things I've ever done, I have done on my own. I willingly do what I want to do by myself because there is a certain comfort to knowing that I don't need to be anywhere at any time or have to entertain anyone but myself. I took a day trip up to NYC because I wanted to be a tourist and visit the places that I've never been to for whatever reason - whether I was with friends who didn't want to go to museums, I was doing makeup all day , etc. My goal was to visit the MoMA Museum and stroll around central park and I accomplished both and then some.

I feel like New York's structural design is like an art gallery in itself. These building are meticulously carved and just so amazing.

MoMA is a really unique gallery. It's filled with some highly impressionable artists and so many various types of work such as paintings, photography, and sculptures. This piece below was created by Arman in 1969 and he called it "I Still Use Brushes". In this painting/sculpture, there are easily over 200 or so brushes embedded in plastic in an acrylic box. One day I will have that in my house, only I'll create it with shadow brushes, big ol' fluffy blush brushes, and the teeny-tiny liner brushes ;-)

I always found beauty in disarray. If there is something that most people say, "What the HECK is that?" You can bet that I will find it the coolest thing ever and purchase something similar. This was my favorite piece of art because it displayed that beautiful balance of chaos and color. The artist, Robert Rauschenberg, was an advocate of using non-traditional materials and objects to emphasize his pieces. This one is simply titled "Bed".

After I had a compelling conversation about men with an old woman (we happened to have the same taste when we realized that we were both checking out the Jason Lewis lookalike in the sculpture garden ;-) ), I went on over to Central Park just to collect my thoughts, sketch out whatever inspired me, and relax.

The park is magnificent. I wanted to get lost in there but the clouds looked like they were rolling in so I stayed close to the perimeter.

It was hot. I wanted to swim with him.

To polish off a wonderful day, I met up with three beautiful friends that I hadn't seen in the longest time. It was so great seeing all of them. The rest of the night was filled with whole lot of laughing and reminiscing. I was laughing so hard at one point that I started to cry! I felt so happy and filled with love when the day was finally coming to an end. For me, the city I love and new faces (or faces that I haven't seen in so long that they look brand new!) is my unhappiness antidote. What's yours?

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Love and happy adventures,

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