Monday, November 14, 2011

How to be happy when everything else isn't working.

In interviews, Jason Segel said that he cried when he first met Kermit while filming the upcoming Muppets movie. When they asked him why, he responded with "He was so beautiful!" He then went on to describe the magical spell puppets seem to cast on children, as they did on him as a child. "That's why I'm doing this movie." Love him.

Common emotions are often times overlooked on how perplexing they can be to achieve. Doctors swear on synthetic medicine to cure all illness but many people, like myself, prefer to seek out all other alternatives before taking any kind of pill. Drugs scare the bo-jangles out of me!! Even my headache medicine is homeopathic haha.

But one of the most common illnesses that so many people deal with on a daily basis is depression. Some have it worse than others but I feel like everyone goes through some form of depression at some point in their lives. For a lot of people it's a constant battle. I USED TO BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE. For a long time, I would wake up just wanting to go back to sleep. I would cry for no reason, be in a constant fog, but the most troubling thing for me was understanding why I felt this way when I had no reason to be so down. I have a family that loves me, wonderful friends, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears... completely healthy! It would make me feel even more depressed when I would say to myself, "Nikki -- quit whining and get happy!" because I didn't understand why my brain wasn't on track with my heart.

A few years back I had a very traumatic episode that made me change my life completely. I had to deal with my problems head on because I knew that would be the only way I would successfully be able to get to the other side of my unhappiness. While I won't go into this whole big debacle (best word ever!), I will tell you one of my not-so-secret tricks into getting over depression naturally. If you would like me to make a post about how I went from the ultimate low to the most amazingly (natural!) high, just leave me a comment.


I'm a huge fan of author Louise Hay. In one of her books, she goes through a whole chapter dedicated to making your inner child happy. Until you've tried this, you have no idea how satisfying it truly is! I first read this chapter a couple years and I didn't fully understand why it wasn't quite clicking for me. Satisfying my inner child... got it, I thought. I tried everything I liked when I was a child...eating cotton candy (which I quickly learned makes me tummy hurt now) and wearing purple eyeshadow (this was the only eyeshadow I owned from 5th grade into 8th!). But I was still depressed. So I just figured it didn't work and kept on truckin' on. But what I didn't realize is that I wasn't satisfying my inner child's wants at all, I was just appeasing the simple pleasures like a child which wasn't any sort of progression at all. I needed to satisfy what I DIDN'T get as a kid but always WANTED! I realized this about a month ago....when I went to see Hanson in concert.

This is one non-depressed Nikki!

During their first song, this overwhelming sense of happiness filled my entire body. And then, as embarrassing as it is to admit, I started developing tears in my eyes! I looked over to my friend Lisa because I didn't understand why this was happening. These weren't sad tears, but happy tears! That's when it all clicked to me, all the things that I had read about making my inner kid happy. And I realized that it wasn't 23 year old Nikki crying these happy drops of love, it was 12 year old Nikki saying, "I'm finally seeing my all time favorite band!" And that's when it finally clicked to me that satisfying the dreams of when I was a kid can be just as rewarding when you do it when your an adult!

So go out and buy that toy, pet, cd, whatever it is that you always wanted but never got. You'll be amazed at just how happy it will make you feel inside. And if you want a good read, Louise Hay's Book, "You Can Heal Your Life" will teach you exactly how, with the power of the mind, you can take any situation and turn it into a positive.

Love your big kid,

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