Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Product Rave! Sally Hansen Salon effects Nail Polish Strips

I love trying new things, especially when in comes to beauty products. I have an event coming up this weekend and I thought this would be the perfect time to try the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects REAL Nail Polish Strips in Misbehaved. Here are my "before" nails:

My nail bed has creases on it due to artificial nails I had almost a month ago that I had to take off because they were starting to get too too long and I am too too lazy to keep up with fake nails! Haha

This is right after I applied the nail strips. They were super simple to put on and the best part, NO SMELL. So you can give yourself a fresh new manicure while on a plane or in a car and no one would ever know! Since I've had them on (and it's only been a day so far), I've gotten 3 compliments from 2 women and one man! They really do stand out and look professional.

- Easy to apply. *TIP* Slightly warm the strips in your hand before applying to the nail. This will make them adhere a bit better.
- No bad smell
- Various designs and color
- Can buy them anywhere (CVS, Walgreens, Ulta, Rite Aid, Walmart, and the list goes on)

- Price. $9.99, which isn't very expensive but if you look at it, the strips cost almost as much as a full bottle of OPI polish.
- 16 strips. Why not 20, two for each nail? I just think 16 is a little strange.
- Not made for gals with wide nails. A couple of my nails are wide and none of the strips seam to fit just right. It's not enough of a drastic difference that anyone will notice, I just notice the outer corners of some of my nails aren't covered.

They promise to last up to 10 days so stay posted for a post next week to see how they held up through showering, typing, and working!


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  1. I need this... polish chips on my nails after like 5 minutes...
    let me know how it holds up