Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Makeup Artists' go-to product to get makeup to stay put!

Makeup artist have their own tricks that they use to keep makeup from not going anywhere. While I have tried so many various primers, powders, and other makeup sealers - I came across this gem of a product...

Model in A Bottle!

Albite the cheesy name, this stuff truly works! It has a nice mint scent to it and all you need is two spritz and your makeup will be sweatproof. Another makeup artist told me about this product and I'm so happy that she did. Even OPRAH has boasted about how great this stuff is! If you have trouble with makeup that tends to smudge or just wear off during the day, give this stuff a try and I promise you will be happy that you did. Also, if you do order it, use the code "FF20" for 20% off - that takes care of your shipping costs ;-)

It's a snowy day where I am at so expect some tutorials to be in the next post ;-)

Love and snow angels,

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  1. Nikkister! I could actually need your help, if you find the time :-) On Friday I am going to a 60's theme party and I have no idea what to do with my face, any ideas? xoxo