Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quick and Easy, Day into Night Makeup Video

Last night, I went out to see one of my good friends sing in his great band, Pulling Punches (feel free to add them on FB, they are very nice!). Since it was a local show, I dressed pretty relaxed and upped the ante a little bit on my makeup, using the same colors I used during the day. I always used to get so worked up on how to do night time makeup until I figured out this little trick that has saved me so much time!

One of the hardest things about getting ready before you go out at night is putting together the right look that feels comfortable for you. You don't want to look too over the top if you're staying local, but you also don't want to look like you are just getting out of work! Here's a quicky video I made before I went out last night. I hope you enjoy it!

oxox from a new Pulling Punches fan,

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  1. Hey, Nikki! Great video... You're so warm and gorgeously cheery! Wonderful easy to follow tips! May I suggest placing white poster or foamcore boards in front of you just under the camera range to reflect some of the light back up towards your face. That should help with your lighting problem. HUGS! Randino